I have been a photographer for many years; I decided to use my love of music and my love of photography to create the images you will see on this site. I have been very lucky to be able to combine both loves, taking photos of the artists I grew up listening to and buying their records. I have worked  taking photos of the following groups- The Brooklyn Bridge, Jay Seigel's Tokens, The Fireflies, Stan Zizka's Del Satins, Lenny Cocco's Chimes, Bobby Brooks Wilson, Jay and the Americans, the Chiclettes, The Duprees and others.


My photos have been featured on the C.D’s of the Brooklyn Bridge, Jimmy Gallagher, Jay Siegel’s Tokens, Stan Zizka’s Del Satin’s, The Fireflies, The Acchords, The Tribunes, Vinnie Medugno and have been used in the book “Hushabye” (The Mystics, the Music & the Mob) By Al Contrera (former member of the Mystics and present member of Emil Stucchio’s Classics).  I have been asked recently to be the official photographer for the East Coast Music Hall of Fame .


The East Coast Music Hall Of Fame is a society of music professionals and fans from Maine to Florida dedicated to honoring, preserving the music of the The Rock and Roll era and beyond. Giving recognition to those who have dedicated their lives to creating and preserving this music.  We also create pathways for those who continue to produce this music for future generations. If you'd like to help, please visit their website.





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